Monday, 11 April 2011

Welcome to Peglegged.

Ahhh... Winnipeg. Land of lakes, and floods, and water, and rivers and now - me.
For those who don't know me... let me start from the beginning.

My name's Brent. I'm just a guy from Edmonton who took a job in Winnipeg and I'm parlaying my love of running, to my new found love for the city of Winnipeg. After spending my whole life on a grid system of straight streets, and numbered avenues - I now live in a very different city.

First off, the streets here not only don't run straight - they change directions and names with seemingly no rhyme or reason. In an effort to discover more of this city, I run. Actually, with my wife and kids still back home - I run alot. I do 10-15K every Saturday and Sunday, then a couple 5-7K runs throughout the week.
Yeah, yeah, yeah - it's exercise, but truly - it's something for me to do to pass the time.

In the coming days I'll write up my posts about running the Arlington street bridge, crossing two of the three rivers, and the endless run that is Portage Ave.

Hope you enjoy it


The Red River sign. Main St.

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  1. Hi Brent,

    I came across your new blog in the most random of ways. But as a former competitive runner, having run basically every trail in Winnipeg thousands of times (especially those in St.B), I really appreciate you taking the time to slow things down and document these areas of town. I'm a huge fan of Winnipeg, despite what many may say about the city, so I'm glad you are to.

    Completely random addition: If you haven't read the novel 'Once a runner' by John L. Parker, you should definitely try to get your hands on a copy.